Switzerland is renowned for beautiful landscapes, with mountains and lakes that offer sports and relaxation in every season. In winter, the slopes offer excellent skiing and other snow activities. In summer, lakeside chalets and mountain trails are a superb place to breathe fresh mountain air in a bracing, scenic atmosphere. Hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts enjoy thousands of miles of rocky terrain and forested walking trails, with plenty of sunshine to keep the spirits high.

Switzerland’s historic cities—including Geneva, Zurich and Berne—boast fine architecture, artistic and cultural events, music and film festivals, and modern transport networks that run on time. Also noteworthy are the excellent Swiss restaurants and the vibrant nightlife in big cities and mountain resorts.

With a congenial atmosphere throughout the country, Switzerland has been charming visitors for centuries. They come for both tourism and business, as Geneva and Zurich host many international companies and organizations. French, German and Italian are the national languages, and English is also widely spoken.